T1500G-8T - JetStream 8-Port Gigabit Smart Switch

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I wanted to share one of my latest purchases. I recently bought this switch to enable MAC-based VLANs to my home network. I have a couple of other TP-Link switches, but they are "easy smart" switches that have some SOHO features, but are not fully managed. For instance, I can configure VLANs on my other switches, but they do not support MAC-based VLANs. The easy smart switches also do not support SNMP management and remote logging. This T1500-8T is only an 8 port switch, but I consider it my main switch as it is directly connected to my firewall and my other switches are branched off of it. It is kind of a core switch with my other switches in more of a distribution mode with tagged trunk ports.

I really like this switch because it is economical, but has most of the enterprise-type features that I was looking for. I have always been a fan of Netgear switches, but when I decided to purchase a few smart switches, the price point couldn't be beat with TP-Link.
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